Uneventful Second Day

So, the baking lab only lasted thirty minutes.  I rushed down there, scared I was appallingly late, and we only met for half an hour.  But, that’s to be expected – the classroom portion of the class doesn’t happen until next Monday.

Nutrition was interesting.  It’s pretty basic right now, so I hope there’s a little more challenge to it in the coming weeks.

Another early day tomorrow.  I wish I had more to say!  I miss everyone in Maryland.  It’s been hard adjusting to not having a job to go to every day, but I’m hoping to get something soon!


One day down!

Today was the first official day of classes!  It went well.  I had to be in class at 8 AM, which meant getting up at 5:45, not much later than my wake-up time for work.  I picked up my cousin at 7, and we headed down to Nelsonville.

My first class was a math class.  It is going to be super easy.  We’re converting from inches to feet right now.  It doesn’t look like it’s going to get too much more difficult in the weeks ahead.  It’s kind of nice to have something easy like that.  The second class was one of those “welcome to college” orientation classes that they make everyone take.  It also is going to be a bit of a walk in the park, not least of all because I have been to so many different college (even working at a few!).

Tomorrow, I have baking lab, nutrition, and a communication class.  That last one should go pretty well, too, since I have a degree in that kind of stuff.  I’m trying to stay open to learning, though.  It’s hard because I’m so much older than so many of my classmates, and I have experience doing what a lot of these instructors do (the teaching part, that is).  I have some breaks, but I’m on campus from 8 AM to a little after 8 PM.  It is going to be a brutally long but probably fun day tomorrow.

Tune in tomorrow…same Bat channel!

Holding Pattern

School starts on Monday, September 27.  I’ve got all my books, and I was finally able to schedule all of my classes.  Right now, I’m just waiting.  I’m waiting for my uniform to arrive.  I’m waiting for classes to start.  I’m waiting.

It’s difficult to live with my parents after being out of their house for so long.  I am thirty years old.  I had a home of my own in Maryland.  It wasn’t much, but it was a place where I knew that I was the boss of my time and space.  Here, not as much.  I feel like I’m an intruder.  In a sense, I am.  My parents have had an “empty nest” for the last year or more, and I’m invading that.  It feels a little unnatural.

I suppose the unnatural feeling is a good thing – it means I won’t feel as inclined to stay.  I’m already plotting my escape.  I don’t think I’ll have much trouble finding something inexpensive in Nelsonville or Athens or The Plains.  Without a job, rent will not be something I can afford.  I’ve looked and applied for a few jobs.  So far, nothing, but I don’t need anything right now.  I have school to think about, and that should be enough to occupy my time.

I applied at the Dick’s that is opening up in my home town.  They rejected me.  I think it was the pink hair.  But, I’m pretty relieved, if I’m honest.  I didn’t want that job.  If they had offered it to me, I would have been in the awful situation of working somewhere I knew would make me miserable.  Or turning down a paying job just because it didn’t sound like as much fun as I think I deserve.  Plus, the thought of working Black Friday is…just…no.  I throw up a little in my mouth when I think about it.

So, for now I wait and hope that I get some kind of job to keep me out of the house longer than just school will.  I haven’t looked as hard for a job as I probably should have.  I am trying very hard to not worry about it.  I’ve been fairly successful so far, so I may end up working at Put-In-Bay with my brother and sister next summer to earn cash for the year.  I’ll be the sad old person waiting tables at a dive bar with all the young college kids.