One Down, Ten to Go!

Week one of culinary school is over! It’s been fairly uneventful, but next week, we dive in to actually start baking things in the kitchen. The kitchen is small, but it’s got lots of neat stuff in it. They have stand mixers in the kitchen-classroom that are like the one I have at home, but with a couple more features (like a timer, for example). They also have a proofing box, stack ovens, convection ovens, and long metal tables for rolling out dough and setting up ingredients (or mise en place, as the French say!). They also have one of those tall red and black toolboxes that auto mechanics use for storing the different tools and utensils we’ll use.

Next week we start out baking breads. I’ve always been a little intimidated by breads. I can do cookies and brownies just fine. Even pies. But breads seem like they require so much precision.  I suppose they’re no more different than the other things I’m used to baking, but for some reason I’ve never really gotten into breads.  I like to eat good bread, but I’ve never had the patience or attention span for baking good bread at home.  So, week two, and I’ll already be learning something I have never done!  That’s really exciting!


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