Knives WILL be Pulled

I was issued my knife set today! I have to bring it with me to my baking classes (Intro to Baking, and Breads and Baking Basics). So, now, I can pull a knife if I need to. I probably won’t need to, but it’s nice to know the option is there.

I also got to wear my uniform for the first time today. It consists of hounds-tooth pants with the standard white jacket, a hat, a neckerchief, and an apron. My aprons are back-ordered right now, so I don’t have them yet. The jacket has Hocking College’s little insignia and my name embroidered on the left side. I was really hoping it could be a generic blank one, but no. The Hocking logo is pretty, though, so I don’t mind. I’m certain I will be wearing it as long as I can, because I hear they’re expensive. As it happened, the knife set and uniform are all covered in my course fees, so I didn’t have to pay out of pocket. I also didn’t have to pay out of pocket for my kitchen shoes. They issue us a voucher to take to a local shoe store worth $75. I bought 3 pairs of the required shoes and a bunch of other crap to make it to the $75 target. In the end, I spent 96 cents of my own money.

One thing that is a little disappointing, and which I’ve often had the misfortune of experiencing, is the hats don’t fit. They had everyone order 13″ hats with Velcro closures, the idea being that one size would work for everyone. My head is too small for the smallest I can make it and still have the existing Velcro grab. So, I have a little sewing project to do tomorrow. I’m just going to sew on a Velcro extension to what’s already there. I thought I might try to move the existing Velcro, but that probably won’t turn out well, as I’m not a very experienced needle wielder. My sister’s boyfriend is a chef, and he suggested that I could probably fold the brim of the hat under a little to make it tighter. I’m unsure of my ability to do something that sophisticated.

Still no actual baking, though! Although the lab was disappointing last week, I know that it will live up to its potential this week. We are making focaccia, whole wheat sandwich bread, a biga, and (time permitting) soft rolls. I had to copy all my recipes onto note cards because I’m not allowed to bring my book into the kitchen. It should be fun! I’ll be sure to post Wednesday or Thursday to let everyone know how it went!


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