Sunday Updates

I decided to take the beer and wine class, and it met for the first time yesterday.  It’s only a 2-day class, so it will meet again next Saturday.  We tasted wines yesterday.  Next Saturday, we’ll drink some champagne, followed by some beers.  We tasted:  Merlot, Port, Ice Wine, Ciante, Pinot Noir, Black Raspberry wine, and Riesling.  I liked the Riesling a lot.  The Merlot was okay – a bit too bold for me.  I did not care for the black raspberry or port.  They were far too sweet.  The ice wine would be good in very small quantities with the right dessert – something fruit-based.  The Ciante was far better than the Pinot Noir.  The Pinot Noir was from California, and it was not very complex.  The Ciante, while not something I would necessarily drink on a regular basis, was very interesting.  It was from Italy, and I could really tell the difference between the two in their complexity.  All in all, it was pretty fun.

I’m looking forward to the beer.  I like beer, but I don’t know that I really understand the difference between the different types.  I know what I like, though!  I like a maltier beer – one with a smaller amount of hops.  I also like my beers a little fruity.  I’ve really been enjoying Magic Hat’s sampler boxes because I can try a bunch of different things and not feel disappointed to have committed an entire 6-pack to something I didn’t end up liking.  However, I learned that the liquor store in Nelsonville lets you mix and match a 6-pack on Mondays.  I will probably make a stop there in the next couple of weeks.  I have to get through the beer I already have in the fridge before then, so it may not be until around Thanksgiving that I actually make a trip there.  I’m a slow drinker.

I’ve had my first round of tests and papers in a lot of my classes.  My comm class (as you may guess) is going really well so far.  I got the highest possible score on our first assignment (30 out of 30).  In nutrition, I got a 103 on our first exam because of the 3 extra-credit points she gave us for bringing in a nutrition label.  My math class is okay, but not great – 17 out of 20 on our first quiz.  We had a test on Thursday, which I’ll probably get back on Tuesday, so we’ll see how that went.  I always make stupid little mistakes in math.  Twice on the quiz, I put 16 oz as the conversion of ounces to cups, instead of the correct number – 8 oz.  It was a really dumb mistake that I would have caught if I were paying more attention.  I’ve never had much patience for checking over math problems after I’ve gotten my answer.  It’s probably something I should learn to be better about, especially if I own a business someday.  I’d hate to order half or twice as much as I need because of a mistake in calculations.

Coming up this week – more rolls, sourdough breads, a sanitation test, and beer and wine on Saturday.  We have to write a paper for the beer and wine class, which I may go ahead and knock out this week while I’m sitting around in the library, just so I don’t forget to do it.  My topic is port wine.  I’m sure someone out there wrote a history of port wine at some point; I just have to find it!

Outside school, I need to find someplace in the area that does fresh turkeys, preferably one that doesn’t use hormones or anything like that.  I was buying my Thanksgiving turkey from Maple Lawn Turkey Farm in Fulton, MD, but that’s not a viable option for me now that I’m a 7 hour drive from there.  I’m making Thanksgiving dinner this year – my dry-brined spatchcocked bird, the biscuit stuffing I’ve been making for the past couple of years, mashed potatoes, and a couple of pies.   I know what you’re thinking – that I’ve gone insane – but Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of the year.  It’s all about food!  What’s not to love!?  Besides, I’m leaving the gravy to my mom and the green been casserole to my sister, so I’m not doing everything.  Just most of it.


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