Some Random Stuff

1.  I forgot to update you all on this!  I got second place at the fair for my brownies.  My peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies did not place.  Any of you who have tried my brownies know how good they are, so I’m thrilled that I placed at all, but part of me is a little puzzled as to what could have been better than those!  It’s mostly just my arrogance, but seriously, I want to know what the #1 brownie had that mine don’t.  I’ve been blaming the little old ladies who volunteer to do the tasting.  Maybe my brownies were just too rich for them.  But, I’m glad I won anything at all!

2.  I looked up the scale on the America’s Test Kitchen Web site, and it is OXO.  It’s the 11-pound capacity one with the pull-out display.  I decided that instead of further depleting my savings by buying kitchen stuff, I’m going to ask for that for Christmas.  I don’t need it immediately; I just want it immediately.

3.  The experience of registering my car and getting my license switched over to Ohio was possibly the smoothest, least obnoxious experience at a Motor Vehicle department I’ve had in ages.  It took me a total of about one hour to get the following taken care of with the BMV (Ohio’s equivalent to the MVA):  Take the vision and driving-laws test; get my Ohio license; register my car.  The fastest one was registering my car!  I waited 2 minutes, and was out of there in less than another five.  It took a little longer for the other two just because of wait times.  I like getting a new driver’s license because I like that it’s warm when they first hand it to me.

Fun day ahead – I have the beer portion of my beer and wine class today!  I’ll update you tomorrow!


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