Challah and biscuits and danish, oh my!

Yesterday, we made challah bread, biscuits and the dough for the Danishes we will make next week.  I was pretty tired when I got to class, but I perked up pretty quickly.  I crashed immediately afterward, of course!  Since we made biscuits yesterday, Chef Weber made sausage gravy for us.  It was great!  I did eat a little something at home, but only enough to prevent a severe case of the shakes from all the coffee and hard work in class.

We made the dough for the challah and braided it.  My group-mates and I wrote down the wrong recipe for the Danish dough, so we were a little behind the curve.  We started out really well, so I was disappointed that we appeared to have screwed it up so badly.  I feel like I let the other two people in my group down.  Granted, the other girl in the group also wrote down the wrong recipe, and the guy in our group did not write them down at all, so I guess I shouldn’t feel all the guilt.  Chef Weber let us use his copy of the textbook, so it worked out, but it was a little stressful.  Next time, I need to pay closer attention and make sure I hang on to the paper he gives us at the start of class.

Today is a beautiful fall day – cool and crisp and dry.  All of the leaves have changed color, and many of the trees are bare, thanks to the massive wind and storms we’ve been having the last couple of days.  It’s sunny out, too.  This is my favorite kind of day.  This and a warmish spring day when all the flowers are in bloom.

I had math this morning, and I have sanitation this afternoon.  We took a test in sanitation last week, and I think we’ll get those back today.  I’m a little nervous about it.  There were 3 questions that I know were not in the book and weren’t covered in class.  (Chef Meredith let us use our textbooks for the test, so I can say with absolute certainty that the information in those questions wasn’t in the book at all.)  Math is going better than it was when it started.  I got a perfect score on our last quiz, and she gave us a bonus exercise today worth up to 5 points.  I’m fairly certain that I got all 5 points.

Next week I have Tuesday off.  It is an “learning day” for the faculty, so there are no classes.  It’s also election day.  I don’t remember seeing very many political ads in Maryland, but there are what seems like hundreds a day here!  It’s looking to be extremely contentious.  I will be voting, but I want to make sure I do some research on the different candidates first.  I don’t trust the ads to tell me the truth.  The last time I voted in Ohio, the blue-hair behind the desk sneered at me, which wasn’t very nice of her.  I’m hoping I’ll hve a more positive experience this time.

Next week, we’re making cupcakes and a simple buttercream in Intro to Baking; and, we’re making blueberry muffins, Danishes, and puff pastry in Breads.  Tonight, I’m making more buttermilk biscuits and some sausage gravy.  My dad was pretty disappointed that I didn’t bring any home last night, so I’m going to make them when I get home today.  It’s also trick-or-treat tonight in Lancaster.  I think that my parents usually get a fair number of trick-or-treaters, which will be kind of fun.  Where I used to live in Maryland, we never got any.  The one time we did, the mom demanded candy, too, even though none of them were in costume.  It was lame, and it just meant I had loads of candy lying around the house begging me to eat it.

I have my first mixology class on Saturday!  I’ll definitely post something this weekend to let you all know how that went!  Check back on Sunday!


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