Wednesday’s Accomplishments

I’m sorry for not posting sooner!  On Wednesday we made blueberry muffins and puff pastry dough.  We also put together Danishes.  We shaped them and filled them with apple, cherry, and lemon-cream cheese fillings.  They are really good!  The blueberry muffins turned out pretty well, too.  Muffins aren’t usually my thing, though.  I prefer cookies most of the time.

The Danishes and puff pastry both fall into a category called “laminates,” thus named because of the layers of butter that are incorporated into the dough through multiple sessions of folding and rolling the dough.  I’ve always been intimidated by laminates, but now that I’ve seen what they’re like, I don’t know why I was so nervous about them.  They’re actually super easy!  It’s just a lot of folding and rolling out the dough, being careful not to let it get too warm.  I guess it just seems like a lot of steps, and the pictures that are usually with the recipe don’t help me feel confident.  They’re always those crappy line drawings that remind me of my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook from the 70’s.  I think that I could totally do a puff pastry or Danish dough again with plenty of confidence, now.

Tomorrow, I have my second mixology class.  We’ve got an exam, and I should probably dig out the paper where I wrote down the drinks I’m supposed to make.  I’d like get a general idea of how to put together the drinks before I walk in there tomorrow morning.  Some of them are easy, like rum and coke, and some of them are things I’ve only ever made with a mix, like daiquiris.  We don’t have to be there until 11, and we’ll probably be finished by 5 or so. Chef said he’s going to make us french fries and chicken and cheese steaks.  Of course, as soon as he said he’d make cheese steaks, I wanted one.  I’m holding out until tomorrow so that I will enjoy it.  If he doesn’t make them, I’ll probably have to go get one after class.

I promised my friend Alexis that I’d call her and stop by after class tomorrow if she’s free. I ran into her in the cafeteria on Wednesday afternoon, and she was with this guy named Adam (I think – you all know how bad I am with names!).  He was very nice.  He’s only 18, but he’s one of those guys that looks way older than he actually is.  He insisted on giving me a hug when we parted ways.  He’s the second guy that has done that to me.  The other guy was named Jake, and he’s in my Sanitation and Nutrition classes.  I gave him a ride home one night after class, and he hugged me saying it’s how he thanks people.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think he would have hugged me if I was a guy.  It’s been so long that I’ve been in an environment like this that I am unsure if this is normal guy behavior.  I’ve got a lot of male friends, but they don’t usually hug me, so this sudden spike in hugs from new acquaintances is noteworthy to me.  I usually try to send out “no touching” vibes, but maybe I’ve lost that ability or let my guard down without knowing it.

Next week, we’re doing scones, and I think we’ll be making something with the puff pastry.  I read the paper Chef Weber gave us, but I only remember scones for sure.  I’m not entirely sure where that paper is, so I’m going to need to locate it.  It’s probably in my car.  I’ve got another Nutrition test, another Math test, and I have next Thursday off for Veterans’ day.

On my way home yesterday, I stopped in the local market on the way home from class and put my name down for a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving.  I am picking it up on the 23rd.  I’m really excited about Thanksgiving this year because it’s the first year in a very long time that I’ve been in Ohio.  I am excited to try my recipes out on my family.  I’ve already put together my shopping list and menu.  The next step is planning out my prep and cooking schedule.  I think I’m going to do a lot on the 23rd after I bring the turkey home.  I’ll probably do the butterflying and brining; I’ll bake the biscuits for the stuffing; and I’ll probably make at least the crusts for the pies, if not the pies themselves.  I am really looking forward to it!


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