Sunday Updates – Fall Back Edition!

Daylight Saving Time ended last night.  I hope you all remembered to set your clocks back an hour!  I sure didn’t.  Lucky for me, my phone and computer do that automatically.  I’ll have to change my car clocks when I go out today, but that should be a snap.

Yesterday, I had my second mixology class.  It went well, I think.  Chef Steadman said that just for showing up and taking the mixed-drink test, we all have a B+.  If we turn in a paper before Thanksgiving, we’ll get an A.  I learned how to make several useful drinks.  Because I know I’d want to know, here’s what the test was:  Rum and Coke; Gin and Tonic; shot of tequila; snifter of Sloe Gin; Margarita on the rocks; Pina Colada; Tequila Sunrise; White Russian; Strawberry Daiquiri; Bloody Mary.  We used a mix for the Daiquiri and Pina Colada.  He also showed us how to make the Pina Colada using coconut milk or cream and pineapple juice.  We tried three Pina Colada versions right in a row, the mix version last.  After tasting the from-scratch versions, I almost couldn’t drink the mix one – it was way too sweet with none of the pineapple flavor; I could tell that it was loaded with chemicals.  So, if I make Pina Coladas again, I’ll be making them from scratch.  It’s not that much more work, and it’s super yummy.  I think it would be fun to throw a tropical-themed party with Pina Coladas and Daiquiris as the featured drinks, and I could make my banana cake with coconut buttercream.  Maybe jerk chicken and some kind of rice dish for the “real” food.

I think you all know that my sister is pregnant.  I would like to throw her a baby shower, and I’ve been trying to come up with ideas.  I think a tropical/Caribbean theme would be fun.  It wouldn’t be the usual baby shower spread, which would be nice.  I also saw a recipe for pizza on a stick, which gave me the idea of miniature food.  Everything would be little and/or on a stick.  I have to talk to my mom, of course, because I’d want to host it in her house, so we’ll see.  One of my aunts has also offered to host, so I’ll need to talk to her and see if we can coordinate.  I think there will probably need to be a couple for her – one for family and one for friends.

I have been applying for jobs, but things have been slow.  There’s not a lot out there that will give me the hours I’ll need, and I am a little averse to working retail.  I’ve only had the one interview, and no responses beyond “no thanks.”  It’s starting to make me think that I might be unemployable.  I know I just need to let go of my reservations and apply for a bunch of stuff, but I have been spoiled by so many years working in higher ed.  There’s really no other industry that offers the benefits and things that higher ed does.  Plus, it’s in line with my personal political beliefs.  It’s a bit of a culture shock being back here, honestly.  I had kind of forgotten just how conservative everyone is.  There are pockets of liberals, but they’re hard to find.  It was comforting living and working with relatively like-minded individuals.  I didn’t realize how great it was until I left!  The political differences between me and my parents are a big part of why it’s hard to live here.  It’s a little uncomfortable being a liberal intruder in a conservative house.

Next week is Advising week, so I am going to set up an appointment with Chef Touria to talk about my schedule for next quarter.  I’ve already gone through the schedule of classes and picked the ones I want, so I just need to get her OK, I guess.  I’m pretty excited that she’s my advisor because she’s so cool.  It’s looking like I’ll be down there for classes all day Monday and Tuesday, with no classroom time the rest of the week.  But, next quarter is when I start doing Baking Lab, which means I’m in the “production” kitchen for 12 hours a week, which should fill in the other days.  Should be pretty exciting!


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