Happy happy

So, yesterday was my dad’s birthday.  I made him a pumpkin roll.  I’ve never made a roll of any kind, so this was a fun new experience!  He’s been nagging me to try to make one–okay, maybe not nagging; maybe just asking me every week or two if I’ve ever made one–since I’ve been back in town.  He’s also taken to saying “Yummers!” for anything that he’s excited to eat.  It doesn’t matter what it is – pizza, cake, cookies, pumpkin roll – he just says “Yummers!” when he’s got something he wants to eat.  It’s a little weird.

In my Intro to Baking class yesterday, we made cherry chocolate scones.  My group decided to use white chocolate.  They were (and still are) very tasty!  I like scones for their ease, but they are very messy to make.  They stick to everything!  You need at least a half cup of flour more than the recipe calls for to handle the dough so that it doesn’t stick to you and everything in the kitchen.  Every scone I’ve ever made acts the same way, so it’s kind of something I dread.  I love the end result, though, so I keep making them!

I may have a job.  My uncle told me when I first got back into town that he’s looking for someone to work in his office one day a week.  Since I dropped my comm class, I have Fridays free now.  I called him and let him know that I would be able to work that day if he still needed someone (and that the pink is almost all gone from my hair – it’s just blonde now).  He said he’d let me know when everything is settled, so I hope to hear for sure some time this week or early next.  It’s not going to be very much, but it’s some cash coming in, at least.  I still have a good amount in savings, but I don’t want to risk draining it all!  That would be super-stressful!

I started running again last week.  It’s felt really good so far.  I ran 3 miles on Wednesday last week, 3.6 miles on Saturday morning, and 3 miles on Sunday.  I’m planning to run today, probably around 3 miles.  I ran with my dad on Sunday, which was kind of nice.  It’s good to have someone to pace with.  The girlfriend of one of the honorary Welsh brothers (Adam) has started running again, too, and she suggested we do a race together in the spring.  I’m super excited about it because it will be nice to have a running buddy my own age!  Her name is Kelly, and I met her at the birthday party of another honorary Welsh brother (Eric).  There are at least 4 honorary Welsh brothers, mostly because they all practically lived at my parents’ house at various points in time.  Greg was the first (one of Terry’s friends), then Wolf, Adam, and Eric.  Funnily there are no honorary Welsh sisters.  We Welsh girls tend to have more guy friends than girl friends.  Not sure what that says about us!  😉

Tomorrow, we’re making Naploeans and banana bread.  I honestly cannot stand banana bread.  There’s just something about the moistness that is unpleasant to me.  We aren’t making scones after all, I guess since we made them in Intro.  I might be surprised tomorrow with Chef Weber saying we’re making scones, though.  I’m having lunch with a friend from high school on Friday, and I hope that I can get together with another friend from high school this weekend.  Since I don’t have a Saturday class this week, I need to figure out some stuff to do to keep myself busier!


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