Letting the Cat out of the Bag

As my title today may have suggested to you, I have something that I need to share.  You all know that I left Maryland to move back to Ohio and go to culinary school.  That’s only one reason for my sudden departure.  The biggest reason is that Tim asked me for a divorce.  I’m not going to go into any of the details, and I am not going to get into any bad-mouthing or harsh words, but he and I are no longer together.

The reason I haven’t been talking about this until now is that it’s been too painful, but my therapist had me do some exercises that have really helped.  I have a weekly appointment with her to help me get through this mentally intact.  Though I’m not thrilled about it and may never be, I’m reaching a point where I’m started to feel more accepting of it.  It’s helped to have family and friends (that’s you guys!) to support me.  Even if this is news to you, know that your support of and excitement over my move back to Ohio was what got me through those last few weeks at UMUC.  I would have been a puddle of tears on the floor if it hadn’t been for you!

I really want each and every one of you to know that I deeply appreciate all of your encouraging words and excitement for me in my last weeks at UMUC.  You all mean the world to me, and I could never thank you enough!

Now that I’ve gotten that out, I’m happy to report that it looks like I’ve got a job!  I’ll be working at my uncle’s office one day a week during the quarter.  He said they’ll put me in the system as an “on-call office assistant” which just means that if I’ve got more than my usual one day free some week, I may be able to work at another office in the area.  That’s pretty cool because it means that I could potentially work more during the breaks between quarters.  There’s some paid training, so I should start having a paycheck pretty soon!  Yay for work!  I didn’t realize how much I’d miss 40-hours-a-week until I didn’t have it anymore.  This will really help with keeping me as distracted as possible.  I need less free time for my mind to wander.  I know you guys will think I’m crazy, but I’m signed up for 19 credit hours, and that doesn’t seem to be that much.  Granted most of my classes are easy intro stuff, but I remember college being more challenging.  I’m finding that I’m kind of bored, especially when I’m not in the culinary classes.

My schedule next quarter is actually pretty exciting.  I have “Baking Lab” which means I’m in a real restaurant kitchen baking for the Inn.  This class is actually called Baking Lab; I’ve been calling the kitchen time in my Breads class baking lab, but it’s not quite the same since we’re in more of a classroom environment.  I also have Cake Production, Pastries and Desserts, Classical Pastries, and Yeast Dough Production.  I’m going to try to transfer in as much stuff as I possible so that I don’t have to take the general education classes after all.  I initially thought I’d just take them all, but now that I’m here, I’m not seeing a purpose to comm, psych, and sociology classes for what I’m doing.  I’m pretty happy with that, because it may mean that I’ll finish a little faster than the 2 years.  I’ll likely have to take Accounting and Personal Finance, but I’m not too worried about that.

I’ve got a kind of busy day planned today.  I have to go to my uncle’s office at 10:30 to fill out some stuff; I have lunch with a friend from high school at 1; and I’m hoping that I can get a run in this afternoon.  The run may not happen, though.  I got a flu shot on Wednesday, and it’s left me feeling a little odd.  I’m not sick, just a little off, like my lungs forgot how to breath and I have a little nausea.  It’s nothing severe, more annoying than anything.  Tomorrow, I am hoping I can get together with another friend from high school.  I haven’t seen either of these ladies in years – one for 13 or more; the other for only about 2 or 3 – so I’m really looking forward to catching up.

Have a great day, guys!


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