Baking News

This just in…I’m in a punny mood today.

I went down to school and registered for my Winter classes today.  I have mentioned before that I’m super psyched about my schedule next quarter, but now that I’m actually registered, I kind of can’t wait for things to get started!  I’ve got two classes Monday (Classical Pastries and Cake Production), with a 5 hour break between, which has me leaving school Monday evening at 10:30.  That’s going to be pretty brutal, but I don’t have anything until Tuesday evening, so I may be able to sleep in a little Tuesday morning.  Wednesday next quarter, I’ll be working for my uncle at his office.  Thursday, I have Yeast Dough Production from 1 until 5:30.  Friday I have Pastries and Desserts all morning long.  I also have to fit in 12-14 hours in the production kitchen each week.  Again, I’m pretty psyched!

The woman who helped me register told me that the residency appeal process is pretty quick once I turn in the paperwork, so I’m going to make sure I get that done on Monday.  I have three pieces of paper that I need to get notarized, and I need to print off a copy of the proof of filing my taxes for the last 2 years.  I’ve got everything else that I needed together, so I hope to be classified an in-state student before too long!  That makes me very happy.  If I can avoid having to pay anything out of pocket moving forward, I’ll be completely thrilled.

This week in Breads class, we made pancakes and waffles, banana bread, and three different pie crust doughs.  We’ll be making pumpkin, pecan, and apple pie next Wednesday.  That means that I don’t have to worry about making pies next Tuesday!  I’ll be picking up the turkey, prepping the turkey, and making the biscuits for stuffing after my morning class Tuesday, so having a little less to do is nice.  My Nutrition teacher gave us the option of either coming in to class to take the 5th test or taking the 5th test at the testing center, so I will be able to leave campus earlier than usual on Wednesday.  That will be pretty good, too.  I’ll be able to get some additional prep-work done, and I’ll probably be able to make most of the appetizers that I have planned.  Yay for Thanksgiving!


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