Sunday Updates – November 21

This is going to be a pretty short post tonight because I don’t have very many updates.

My parents and I went shopping for the ingredients for the Thanksgiving meal yesterday.  We got everything except the turkey, which I’m picking up on Tuesday at a local market called Bay’s that sells local meats.  I’m doing the usual butterfly and dry brine technique that I’ve used for the last couple years.  It works really well, and the turkey is always delicious.  I’m also making Smokey Bacon-Biscuit Dressing (recipe here for anyone interested!), so I have a ton of prep work to do over the next three days to get ready!

I’ve got my Intro class tomorrow morning, and we’re doing a dry-run of the final recipe we’re supposed to make for our bakeshop project.  My group decided on Tiramisu cupcakes.  They look pretty good, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow morning!

That’s really about it for me!  Nothing has really happened since Friday when I last posted.  There’s not as much going on this week as their was last week.


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