One Day More

Thanksgiving is upon us!  Well, it’s almost upon us.  I’ve already started cooking, though, so I consider it to be here.  I have butterflied and salted my turkey.  It’s in the fridge now, brining.  I have fried all of the bacon for my stuffing.  I am tripling it this year (it’s seriously that good), and to make things easier in my head, I kept the three pounds of bacon separate.  I made onion dip.  I made the biscuits for the stuffing, and I toasted them.  They’re going to hang out on the counter until Thursday when I put everything together.  I’m exhausted!  It’s only 8 PM, but I have been cooking since I got home around 11, and I went for a run after class this morning, so I’m beat.  I’m going to head to bed soon, I think.

It is, of course, a bitter-sweet Thanksgiving this year.  It’s exciting that I get to share my mad kitchen skills with my family for the first time in probably 9 years, but it’s sad because of the divorce.  I’ve been staying occupied, so I haven’t been thinking too much about being alone on the holidays.  Of course, in an existential sense, we’re all alone, so maybe I shouldn’t worry so much!  It’s just strange to be moving toward single on a holiday I used to share with the one I loved most.  Such is life.

Coincidentally, I am booked with something fun to do each day this weekend!  I think the universe knew that I needed some distraction from myself.  I am running a 5K Thanksgiving morning, followed by a full day of cooking and eating.  I am going to a party on Friday, and I may consider going Black-Friday shopping with my parents and sister.  I’ve never been on the consuming side of Black Friday, only the shitty “Oh, God, why am I working retail” side.  I am going out with a friend for sushi on Saturday.  And, Sunday is the baptism of my dear friend Allison’s little girl.  This weekend is fairly packed!  I love it when I have a lot to do!

The quarter is almost finished.  I can’t believe I only have about 2 1/2 weeks of classes for the Fall!  Then, it’s 2 1/2 weeks off.  Winter quarter starts on January 3, and you all know how excited I am about that!


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