Car Trouble

So, I bought a car 2 and a half months ago.  It’s nothing special.  It’s a used Hyundai Elantra, so it’s not the nicest car in the world.  But, I noticed that it would behave badly sometimes.  Mostly when I had driven it two days in a row.  Not a good thing, especially when it took me 2 hours to drive the 45 minutes from Nelsonville to Lancaster because I kept having to stop.

I called the dealer in a tizzy last Wednesday and expressed my disgust at this, and they told me to bring it in.  I called back yesterday (Monday) to talk to them about how much this is going to cost me.  In my estimation, the car would have had to have been doing this long before I bought it, so it’s their responsibility to fix it for me, preferably at no cost to me.  They swore up and down that they did a thorough check and that all major problems were found and rectified.  Clearly not.

I dropped my car off to them yesterday afternoon.  It’s a small, family-run dealership, which means that they genuinely care about their customer and want them to come away satisfied.  I called them this morning to find out what was going on.  Apparently, my dad had called before I did.  I do in fact need a new transmission.  I asked what the status was and how much he thought they’d make me pay.  He told me not to worry that he’d call my dad with the details.  That made my blood boil a little.  I AM an adult, even if I’m living at home right now.

Around 4 this afternoon, my dad called to say that there may have been a misunderstanding with the car place, as they’ve been calling him with updates all day.  He said he wasn’t trying to interfere just wanted to tell them that he’d be able to pick up the car today if it was ready soon.  They took that to mean that he’d be handling it.  But, they told him that they’re only going to charge me $600 for everything since I bought the car so recently and they wanted to set things right and make sure I’m happy with them and the car.  That is a HUGE load off my shoulders.  Instead of the feared $2000+ I was expecting, I’m paying only $600.  I think my annoyance and my dad’s involvement probably helped them to make the choice to make me happy.  I would prefer not to pay anything at all, but I’ll take this over paying full price.


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  1. Carol
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 14:25:03

    Hey Casey,

    I have had some recent problems with my used car too. I had to shell out a few thousand dollars to get it up to speed. I love the car but I think I should of bought a more reliable car like a Honda. Oh well, just gotta hope there are no other issues!



    • Casey W.
      Dec 03, 2010 @ 19:21:36

      Hi Carol!

      It’s depressing to have trouble with your car. It kind of made me feel like an idiot because I sort of rushed into buying the thing. But, I’m happy that the dealer is cutting me a bit of a break!



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