I feel like I’ve been slacking off a bit on this here blog.  The only excuse I have is that I’ve been keeping busy, and I’m usually too tired to post when I get home on Wednesday, so I leave it to Thursday, which turns into Friday morning, which turns into Friday evening.  What can I say?  I’m a procrastinator at heart!  I’ve been working to break that nasty little habit, but it’s been tough fighting against something I’ve been doing for a few decades now.

Monday, my group did our dry-run of Tiramisu cupcakes.  I’m not a fan.  I like the flavor, but I cannot get over the texture.  Some of you are aware of my aversion to anything that resembles soggy bread.  For those of who aren’t I’ll sum it up – it stems from a childhood experience of being forced to eat the extremely soggy corners of a PB&J.  To this day, I cannot even see soggy bread in the sink without getting a little gaggy.  So, Tiramisu is a bit of a “no” for me.  As are bread pudding, ripe bananas, and strawberry yogurt to name but a few.  What is kind of funny, though, is that the girl who wanted so badly to make these things didn’t end up liking them at all and complained that they were horrible after we had finished.  She’s a nice girl, but I could have hit her when she started talking about how much she hated them.  She is young though, so I’ll cut her some slack.

Wednesday, we made pate choux, which was way easier than I thought it would be.  This is another item that has intimidated me for years but that I’m now finding is something of a snap.  I saw a chef on Martha Stewart’s show make cheese puffs with a choux paste a few years ago, and it looked pretty cool, but I was intimidated by the preparation method.  Anytime I have to carefully add eggs to a hot batter/liquid, I get nervous.  I’m afraid I’ll end up with the dreaded scrambled eggs in my baked goods.  That’s always the warning, too.  “Watch out!  You could end up with lemon-flavored (or chocolate or whatever flavor you’re using) scrambled eggs!”  Totally easy, though!  We used the choux paste to make little cream puffs and eclairs.  Then we made Chantilly cream, which is basically lightly sweetened whipped cream.  It was delightful!

We also made chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies.  Not as sexy as something new, but they all turned out really well.  I am not usually a fan of oatmeal raisin cookies, but these turned out great.  Still not my favorite, but I can eat them and not feel like I got screwed out of a “real” cookie.  The chocolate chip cookies were not as good as the ones I usually make.  I looked for sea salt to sprinkle on top, but I couldn’t find any in the kitchen, so I will just have to do that to my cookies at home (and when I have my own bakery!).

So, now on to something a little embarrassing!  Yesterday, I was walking out of one of the buildings on campus.  There is this huge stone staircase, with little landings every 10 steps or so.  As I was walking down those stairs, I got a text from my brother Terry, so I thought I’d answer it with a quick “No problem.”  It wasn’t very quick!  I missed a step, and my toe kind of caught on the next one, which sent me to the ground.  It hurt like a mother!  I scraped up my left hand a little and apparently have an acute avulsion fracture.  All that means is that instead of tearing a ligament, a tiny bone chip came up, causing a little pain.  There’s nothing that I can do but practice that old standby RICE.  So, I’ve got my foot/ankle wrapped, I’m pounding Advil like nobody’s business, and I’m keeping my foot up whenever possible.  I never text and walk, so I’m not sure why I thought it would be okay this time, especially on stairs.  I know I’m a giant klutz!  I feel pretty dumb, but I can laugh about it.  Since I wasn’t injured seriously, I can laugh and say that I’ve learned an extremely painful lesson – NEVER text and walk!

Tomorrow, I’m going to go get a haircut.  I’m trying to decide if I want to keep the short hair or if I want to grow it out.  I go back and forth, but right now, I’m on the side of short.  I know that I want shorter bangs.  Their length right now is pissing me off, so I know I need to fix that.  I think I may keep it short for now.  I don’t have any pink anymore – it’s just faded out and streaky blonde, which I’m loving.  It’s kind of messy and white-trash, and I LOVE it.  I’m going to keep it, even when I do eventually go back to longer hair.  It’s got brown streaked through the blonde, so it’s not all shocking blonde, and I’ve got about an inch of roots showing.  It’s so delightfully sloppy and not something I would have done before.

My next great adventure is choosing a new tattoo.  I have a very small heart tattoo now, and I think that I want to have it turned into a shamrock.  If they can’t color over it, I’ll leave the heart as the top leaf, but my preference would be for them to color over it in green.  I am not crazy about the heart, so if I can get it altered in some way to make it something I like, that would be my preference.  When I got that tattoo, I wanted a shamrock, but I let the guy talk me out of it because I was young and not very assertive.  Now, I’m much more confident in what I want.  I also think I want to get a warrior shield with the words “Nothing without effort” written around it in Gaelic.  I haven’t decided where I’ll put it, though.  The warrior shield was on my wedding band with a dragon knot.  I loved that ring, but I feel like it would be weird and creepy to reuse it by wearing it on a different hand or if I get married again.  So, this is my way of reusing the image, I guess.  The warrior shield has meanings similar to my name, which is why I picked it.  My name means brave or vigilant depending on which site you go to, and the warrior shield means fidelity and strength.  I think the phrase and shield will match nicely!  My therapist and I are working on my fear of needles, so I’m hoping that I’ll be over that before the time comes that I’ve decided is when I’m getting these!


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