Race to the Finish

Today, I had my practical final in Breads.  We made Challah bread again.  I am fairly certain that I have an A, but Chef Weber was joking with me about giving me a 0 in some of my categories.  Very stressful!  I love my A’s, and I don’t like it when things stand in the way!  Making the Challah was difficult today because I had to wear gloves.  I still have open scrapes from my fall last week, so in order to comply with sanitation standards, I have to bandage them and wear single-use gloves.  It was kind of a pain in the ass because I couldn’t feel the bread, and I wasn’t able to get the necessary friction with the bench to roll the pieces out into long ropes like I needed to.  Everyone else in the class had long, thin loaves of Challah, while I had a short fat one.  It still tasted and looked pretty good, but I wasn’t able to get the length I wanted.

Monday, I turned in the final for my Intro class.  It went really well.  I am sure I’ll have a pretty good grade in that, too.  We did the tiramisu cupcakes again, and they turned out very nicely.  I didn’t actually eat them this time, though.  I took 2 home and gave them to my parents.  They had them last night after their dinner, and they said they were great.

My car is back in my possession!  I was able to pick it up last night.  I paid for it over the phone and picked it up after they closed.  I’m extremely happy to have my own vehicle back!  I was driving my grandpa’s Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight, which is a boat and a half.  It was seriously like driving a lazy-boy couch.  Very comfortable but a little awkward because of its size.

Tonight, I have my Nutrition presentation, and next Wednesday evening is the final.  I have my Sanitation final tomorrow, and a written final in Breads next Monday.  I have two tests coming up in my Math class, too:  the final unit text tomorrow followed by the final exam on Tuesday.  It will be nice to get to sleep in a couple of days next week!  I’ll probably still be up by 7:30, but it will be great to be able to sleep that little extra bit.

If I don’t post sooner, I’ll let you all know how everything went with finals and my date on Friday on Sunday with my weekly update post!


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