The Quarter is Ova!

To get the full effect of my title today, you have to say it out loud, ala the announcer guy on the original Iron Chef series.  The Japanese one, not the American version with Alton Brown.  That’s what the guy always said at the end:  “The battle is ova!”  I used to love that show, but it was always on at inopportune times, like 3 AM.

I had my Nutrition final today, and I was kind of nervous going into it.  Everyone I talked to told me that it was really difficult and was nothing like what she had covered in class.  I didn’t find that to be the case.  There were a few things I didn’t know for sure, but beyond that, I knew most of the answers.  I will find out tomorrow what my grade is in the class.  I hope that I’m able to keep the A I have right now!

I had my Breads final on Monday, and that was pretty easy.  I walked up to the chef and told him that he could save himself a little work because my exam was going to be a perfect score.  He knows I’m a smart alec, so he just laughed at me.  I’m fairly confident, though.

On Tuesday, I had my Math final, and I am happy to report a 103 average for the class!  So, I’ve got an A in that so far, too.  For me, math is like riding a bike – I never really forget it.

So, now I have two and a half weeks of nowhere to be.  I don’t usually like being idle, but it will be nice to not have to be up at 5 every day.


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