The Big Wednesday Post

So, it’s Wednesday.  This post may not be as big as the title promises, but I’ll give it a shot.  Lots of stuff happened this week, and I’m feeling pretty darn good.

Classes started on Monday.  I got to see a bunch of my school friends, particularly my very best school friend, Alexis.  My morning class was Classical Pastries, taught by Chef Touria, whom I like a lot.  However, she never showed up.  We were all standing in the hallway for about 40 minutes before Chef Steadman decided to hand out the syllabus and have us sign a paper saying we were there.  Toward the end of the class meeting, he mentioned that the Cake Production class that evening was over-full, so they had to open up a Saturday section.  He said that if anyone wanted to switch it would be great, and it would make his life easier because then he wouldn’t have to forcibly move anyone.  I leapt at the chance because my Monday was looking to be hellishly long — 8 AM to 10:30 PM.  I’m not a fan of night driving, and I know I would have been exhausted by the end of that day, which would have made the drive home dangerous for everyone on the road, especially me.

I also had an appointment with my therapist on Monday afternoon.  It seems that my appointment didn’t make it into the computer, so she had scheduled a doctor’s appointment for herself shortly after when our appointment should have started.  No worries, she said she would be happy to sit down and talk to me for a little while.  I pored out everything — my meeting with the lawyer and being stood up by an old friend for dinner all in one day; my over-reaction to my brother Joe’s usual jerky behavior; my feeling like the universe wanted to knock me down a peg because of my confidence at being able to handle my first Christmas alone without any problems or out-of-control emotions.  It felt good to talk about all of it.

Monday morning, I sent an apologetic text message to my siblings telling them that I was sorry for being so crazy over the holiday but that I was glad to have seen them all.  They all responded better than I expected.  It was good to know that they didn’t hold my moodiness at Christmas against me.  After the dust of the holidays settled, I realized I’d been a big jerk for no reason other than my life feels really hard right now.  I felt like a total heel.  I try very hard not to let my emotions run away with me, but I’ve not done a very good job of that lately.  Even my posts here have seemed less than chipper, and I hate that I’ve let my angry, hurt, sad feelings get the better of me like that.  That’s why I’ve set a goal of more positivity this year.  It will do me good, and I think it will make me a more tolerable human being.

All-in-all, Monday was a good day.

Yesterday was pretty hum-drum to start, but it turned out to be a not so bad day.  My parents bought a new TV over the weekend, which meant upgrading their cable to accommodate the better picture quality of the new set, so I was asked to stay in the house until after the cable man came.  He arrived a little after 1, on the early side of the 1 – 3 time slot they gave us, which was nice in and of itself.  He was a pretty nice guy, and it didn’t take him very long to set things up.  After he left, I got a phone call from my uncle (the one that offered me a job), and he asked me if I wanted to work for him today!  So, I finally have the job!!  It took about a month and a half, but I’m finally working.  It’s a huge relief, honestly.  I was really stressing hard about where I was going to come up with money to pay my bills and the lawyer.  I can breath quite a bit easier now that I know I’ll have a paycheck coming in again!

Tuesday evening I went to my first meeting for Baking Lab, which is a class where we are required to meet once a week, then we work in the Hocking Inn for 14 hours every week.  I’m pretty nervous about this, but the chef who is running it (Chef Henry) is very nice.  It’s his first quarter running Baking Lab, so I think he was just as nervous as the rest of us, if not more.  It made me feel a heck of a lot better.  Then, I got to spend a little more time with my friend Alexis, which is always good!

Today was my first day working for my uncle.  Bonnie, the woman that works for him is very nice.  She had me stuff some envelopes, and I did some of the online training classes today.  The envelope-stuffing was pretty easy, but I ended up with some paper cuts on my fingertips.  The training was a little boring, but I think I got 5 done, total.  I probably could have done more, but Bonnie was in a very chatty mood today.  It’s going to be pretty simple stuff, but it will take a long time to learn everything.  I’m completely new to the world of financial planning.  I won’t be doing any of the actual planning or buying or anything like that, but it’s a different set of jargon I’ll have to learn, along with a new skill-set and new computer programs.  It’s largely customer service, though, which is kind of the same everywhere.

On deck for the rest of the week are:  Yeast Dough Production tomorrow, followed by Pastries and Desserts on Friday, then Cake Production on Saturday.  Fun fun fun!


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