Sunday Updates – January 9

So, here we are again!  It’s Sunday, the start of a new week.  Nothing super-exciting happened for the remainder of the last one, but here are the highlights.

Thursday, I had my Yeast Dough class.  The chef for that class is Chef Thompson.  This is my first class with him so far, and he seems pretty cool.  I think he subscribes to the same philosophy as the other chefs in the culinary school:  do what you’re supposed to do, and you’ll do just fine.  He’s pretty entertaining, really.  He likes to joke around, which is good for me.  We actually baked on Thursday afternoon, which was a bit of a surprise.  Luckily for me, I had my uniform in the car with me, so I could get changed pretty quickly.  We made soft rolls.  Next week, we’re making French bread.

Friday, I had Pastries and Desserts, which is with Chef Touria.  She apologized to all of us for missing Monday morning’s class, and told us what we’re supposed to be doing tomorrow.  We apparently have a paper due on Gateau St. Honore tomorrow morning, which I have yet to start.  I’m not too concerned about it, honestly.  It doesn’t have to be very long, so it should be pretty quick and easy.  We’re actually making a Gateau St. Honore in Classical Pastries tomorrow, so I can’t blow off doing the paper.  In Pastries and Desserts, we’re making Bavarians.

Yesterday, I had Cake Production with Chef Weber.  I had him last quarter, and I like him a lot.  He’s a pretty positive, light-hearted guy, so I don’t have to worry about my silliness being frowned-up on the kitchen.  We’re making two different kinds of pound cake next week, and I’m pretty excited about it.  I’m also a little apprehensive, though, because the last time I tried to make a pound cake, it wasn’t very successful.  I’m hoping there’s some trick or something that he’ll show us next week.

This quarter, it seems like I’ll be making and doing a lot of things that I’ve not done before, which will be a bit of a shift from last quarter.  We did make some breads and new things, but much of what we did I have made dozens, if not hundreds, of times in the past.  I’m pretty excited to try all the new things we’ll be doing!

On another note, I have volunteered to coordinate my sister’s baby shower.  One of our aunts volunteered her house in Toledo, and I have loosely planned a menu.  I’ll be using my Caribbean food idea, so I’ll be making a jerked chicken thing and my banana cupcakes with the coconut buttercream.  I also thought I’d make like cole slaw (totally not traditional, but who cares) and cut up some veggies and things.  I’m not sure what else to have, but I’m sure I’ll think of something between now and then.  I thought that I’d use the soft rolls that I made in class (I’ll make a new batch, of course) for the jerked chicken sandwiches.  They’re a little sweet and very soft, so I think they’ll pair nicely with the spicy chicken.

Nothing else new to report, really.  The first week of classes is pretty boring.  Next week should be much more interesting!


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