Sunday Updates – January 23

Goodness, January is almost over!  I really cannot believe how quickly the time is just flying by!  In no time at all, my winter quarter will be over, and the spring quarter will be starting.  It’s true what they say, though, time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Yesterday was a busy day.  I had class in the morning, then I told one of my chefs that I’d work at an event here in Lancaster.  The event was at Lancaster High School (I went to Fisher, but we had stuff there all the time), and it was the annual Chamber of Commerce awards dinner.  If you’ve been to one of those types of events, you’ve been to them all.  They are pretty much all the same.  The same kind of people are there (if not the exact same people in a town like Lancaster!); the same kind of man gets up and gives a speech with the same stale, unfunny jokes; the same kind of band is there; they have pretty much the same food every time.  It was fun, though.  I helped to put food on plates, which was something I haven’t done in a really long time, so it was good experience.  Lots of joking and standing around, but once things started going, then went fast, mostly because of time constraints for when things had to be on and off the tables.

Saturday morning’s class was okay but not great, honestly.  We made yellow butter cakes and devil’s food cakes.  The yellow came out just fine.  They were pretty even all around and looked pretty good.  The devil’s food not so much.  Before I even took them out of the oven, they had sunk in the middle.  I’ve seen it happen shortly after cakes come out of the oven, but never while they’re in the oven.  Chef Weber and Chef Touria thought it was because of the miscalibrated ovens in the kitchen that we’re in.  Whatever the cause, my group has cakes with a huge divot in the center, sort of like the cakes were attempting to become bundt cakes but without the assistance of a pan.

We had a snow day on Friday, which was kind of nice.  I got caught up on a little of my reading for school.  I also took a nap because I felt like I might be starting to catch a cold.  I usually have some minor sinus issues on any given day, but they were greatly increased on Friday.  I was blowing my nose constantly, which is unusual for me, so I took a Sudafed and a nap.  It must have worked because I haven’t caught a cold yet!

Nothing too exciting is going on with me outside of school, really, but I had a new experience at the beginning of this month.  I got a letter from the county courts summoning me for jury duty.  I’m supposed to call in on designated days to see if I’ll serve, with the potential to sit on a jury at any time from February 1 through March 31.  That will be interesting with school, but I’ve already told Chef Henry and Chef Thompson that dates will be forthcoming, so it should be a problem.  I am getting a little antsy to have the dates, though.  The letter I got indicated that I’d get something else in the mail with my assigned dates, but I haven’t seen it yet.  The term starts in a week and a half, and I’d like to know when I’ve got the potential to be called.  I know it’s a small town/county, so I can’t expect efficiency or consideration for peoples’ schedules, really, but come on Fairfield County!  I have stuff going on beyond jury duty!  I need to know when I might have to serve!  I’m sure it will be on its way soon.  I’m just getting nervous about it unnecessarily.  I’d like to quit this habit of mine, but it’s a hard one to break after so long living as a worry-wart.  I guess I need more practice at being mellow!

Have a great week, everyone!


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