Burrito that Baby!

Something I forgot to post about in the last me-centric post:  my little sister had her baby!  His name is Samuel Hennessey.  Every time I’ve told someone his name, I get “Hennessey?!  Like the…?” to which I smile and politely say no, not like the cognac.  It’s a family name on my dad’s side.  My parents made an effort to name each of us after a relative (dead or alive).  I’m named after a distant ancestor (Casey is a last name on my dad’s side).  My brother Joe’s middle name was my paternal grandmother’s maiden name.  My brother Richie is named after my paternal grandfather.  My sister Clara is named after my maternal grandmother.  And, my brother Terry (middle name also Hennessey) is named for one of my dad’s brothers and his favorite aunt – Florence Hennessey.  The way Clara tells it, they wanted to continue that tradition, and Brian (her fiance) latched onto Hennessey right away and insisted it be little Sam’s middle name.

I got to meet him this past weekend.  He’s at the lump-of-flesh stage, where all he does is eat, sleep, and fill his diaper.  I’m excited for him to get bigger and be a little more interactive.  He’s wonderful now – all sweet and soft and warm – but I can’t wait to watch him grow up and see how he interacts with the world around him.

Those of you who are looking for a picture here are going to be disappointed.  Clara and Brian made the decision to keep his web presence as low as possible.  They are not posting him on Facebook for that reason.  They want it to be his decision later on in life.  I’m willing to respect that decision, so I won’t be putting up any pictures of Sam the Baby Burrito.  (Any parents out there may get my reference, but for the non-parents – or non-child-initiated – when I call him a baby burrito, I’m talking about how he looks when he’s swaddled.  You basically wrap the kid up like a burrito.  It mimics the womb and comforts them.)

So, exciting but early days.  Clara’s exhausted because she’s trying to finish up her semester and take care of a newborn.  I know it’s stressful for her, but I think she’s always wanted a family.  This one has come a little sooner than she may have liked, but she seems to be happy about being a mother.  It’s still a little surreal for me, though.  I half expect them to be giving him back sometime soon!


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