All Funned Out

Apparently, last quarter was NOT the busiest quarter ever.  That honor falls to this quarter.  However, it’s almost over!  I have one week to go, and it’s going to breeze by because it’s finals week.  Classes will (mostly) be shorter, which means I’ll have more free time.  At least that’s what will happen in theory.  My guess is that while my classes will be shorter, there will be other things to occupy my time and make me feel like 24 hours in a day are simply not enough.

I feel like such a slouch because I haven’t been able to post much this quarter!  The quarter started off okay.  I was depressed about life stuff, but I still managed the occasional post.  Things devolved quickly, though, as they are wont to do.  I had a goal of at least posting weekly, like I did the first quarter.  You see how that turned out.

Going back over old posts, I noticed that I never mentioned one of my biggest time-sucks!  Two school friends and I bought a space at the Lancaster Farmer’s Market.  We’re there every Saturday (those of you on Facebook have probably seen me mention this), and when the quarter is over, we may be there on Wednesdays too.  It’s kind of slow right now, but as the summer progresses, I’m sure it will pick up.  We’re called Two Chicks and a Dude Pastries.  We just did a graduation party for one of my cousins.  It was a ton of work, but once the table was all set up and looking pretty, I was very pleased with how it all turned out.  Best of all, my aunt was extremely happy with everything, and that’s really all that matters.

The Chicago trip was eventful, though not always in a good way.  There was some drama, mostly surrounding the guy I had been hanging out with from a few posts ago.  I felt like I was making every effort to be inclusive and nice and friendly with everyone.  Apparently, though, my sarcasm was not fully understood by some, and I was seen as thinking I’m better than everyone else.  My reaction was to sob for 2 hours and feel like these people have never actually met me if they think I really believe I’m better than ANYONE.  If anything, I’m overly down on myself and can’t understand why anyone would even want to be around me because I’m only okay.  It was baffling.  We got past that, and things were fun again, but it really ruined that day.  I made some new friends there, as well, which was great.  They are people from school that I’d never really talked to but who were so incredibly sweet to me on that awful day.  All-in-all, I had fun.

The one thing I’ll really be glad to have a break from when this quarter is over is the gossip.  I am very out-going and talk to everyone (you guys know that!).  My friends in the Baking program joke that I’m the prom queen because everyone knows me and wants to talk to me.  It’s the way it was at UMUC, too.  I prefer to say that it’s like I’m the most popular girl at the prom, but my friend E decided prom queen was shorter and funnier.  Lately, my friendliness has been a source of gossip for people at school.  It’s frustrating because I am not doing anything that hurts anyone or that is really anyone’s problem.  The latest rumor is that I’m sleeping with a guy (D) in one of my classes.  D and I talk at school, and we hang out with the same group of people on Tuesday nights after class.  I have had very little interaction with him beyond that, and on Tuesday nights, we don’t really even talk to each other.  (As a side note, this rumor is a false one, but I think D would like it if we could make it a true one.  Eesh.)  It frustrates me.  Apparently, I can’t talk to people without some assumption being made.  It’s just all so junior high.  I’m tired of people feeling like they have some right to know all my business and gossip about things that aren’t true.  But, as one of my chefs said the other day when I was expressing this frustration to him “Fuck ’em.  It’s not their business.”

Today, I’m going shopping with my mom at Easton.  I have some left-over gift card money at Sur la Table from Christmas, and I want to get a bathing suit.  And, maybe she’ll even buy us lunch.  It should be a fun day!  I also have some school work that I need to finish up, but I’m not really worried about it.  Mostly because I’ve reached the point in the quarter where I couldn’t give less of a crap about much of anything and just want this shit to be over.  Though I know I’ll probably not be able to, I’m going to try to post more over the summer.  I am taking classes, and I’m doing the farmer’s market.  I want to fit in some visits around the state of Ohio, and I’m really hoping I can make it to Maryland at some point in the next couple months.  I’m also going to be working for my uncle still, so it probably will be no less busy than the last two quarters.  But, busy is good, especially when I’m trying hard not to think about my divorce and the other life crap that could really bring a girl down if I let it.

–Casey, prom queen of Hocker College


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