Good Times Never End

My summer classes start on Monday.  I am pretty excited to get back to school.  All-in-all, I like school.  I don’t like the drama associated with some of it, but I’ve been told that the food industry attracts gossipy drama-whores.  I’m not one of them, so I tend to get frustrated with the people who are.  I just don’t understand the lack of adultness.  It’s so absurd!

So, this last week or so, I’ve been pretty busy.  My nephew Sam was baptized on Sunday, so my parents and I left almost immediately after I got home from the farmer’s market on Saturday to go up there.  In my haste, I forgot a couple key items, like pajamas and clean underwear.  It was only for a night, so I was going to wing it, but my mom decided I should probably at least have some shorts to sleep in, so when we stopped at Meijer, she bought me a pair.  The christening itself was pretty nice.  Catholics do a lot of annointing, and one of the oils they use during a baptism is this stuff called chrism.  It’s a blend of olive oil and balsam.  I’m apparently allergic to balsam, which meant that I couldn’t really hold Sam for very long without getting an itchy nose.  It was a funny thing to discover that I was suddenly allergic to the baby!

I’ve been working for my uncle at his investment office this week.  It’s been good to have something to do during the day instead of what I’d planned on doing – lying out in the sun and trying new and exciting jello shot recipes.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?  My original plan sounds so much better than sitting in an office all day answering phones and feeling less-than-helpful!  I know that he basically just needs someone in the seat, and I haven’t screwed anything up, so at least I’m not doing poorly.  I am realizing just how much his normal assistant never showed me, though.  She tried to train me on some things, but even though she said I was going to do everything the days I was there last week for that very purpose, she has a really hard time letting go of control.  I can’t really blame her.  I’m sort of the same way, but it hurts me and the clients for her to be so controlling with things. It is going well, overall, though.

Monday, I got a phone call from my cousin’s boyfriend’s mom who asked me if I could do some desserts for her son’s graduation party this weekend.  I’m stoked because it means more business!  I am doing cake pops and my salted chocolate chip cookies.  Tuesday, I got a call from my cousin Bob who asked me to make 2 batches of my famous fudge brownies for the camping trip this weekend.  Of course, I was happy to oblige!  Friday, I’m working for one of my chefs in the evening serving.  I’ll be working all day, running home to change into my outfit for the party, then going to the party with two of my fellow students.  I’m stoked!  I’m going to be very very busy this weekend.  In addition the stuff on Friday, I’ve got the farmer’s market Saturday morning, then Saturday afternoon I’ll be doing cake pops.  Sunday morning, I’ll be baking cookies and dipping the cake pops in the chocolate.  I promised the mom I’d be in Logan at 1 to set up, so I have a firm deadline for getting my butt out of the house of 12:30.  Sunday afternoon, I’m going to a party to see a friend whom I haven’t seen in probably 15 years.  I really wanted to go to Comfest up in Columbus this weekend, too, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have the time.  It’s all so manic!

I am glad to be busy, though.  I can really use the money and the distraction.  I was sort of assuming that my summer wouldn’t be as busy as the last two quarters, but I’m thinking that if this weekend is any indication of busy-ness, I’m in for another brutal 11 weeks!  And, my parents bought me a gift certificate to pick black raspberries, so I have to find time to do that in the next 2 weeks because the berries are only ripe that long.  I have a couple friends who want to go picking with me then come back to my parents’ house to make jam, so I have to coordinate with them.  I do love making jam, so it won’t be bad once we get started.

–Casey, jammin’ on the one


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